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About This Week’s Secondary Sunday


This is not an excuse! yay me!

We will have a new Secondary Sunday this week and I’m actually excited about this one (not that I wasn’t for the other ones). As I mentioned at one point (eons ago) we are reaching the end of Secondary Sundays! Wow.

After this week’s SS, we have two or three parts left and the story is done. I might come back to it later on, but yeah, this is it.

I’m not excited because this is the end. I’m excited because the new SS sheds some light on things. It will not be as vague as the old ones, and because of that it might be a bit difficult to read. It is not my idea to trigger, squick, or bother anyone with this. And I know that I’ve been sort of building up to this point in the narrative so it won’t be as surprising. But still, if it triggers or squick you, then you need to be warned.

** Warnings are: Detailed descriptions of torture, medical procedures, and panic attacks, mentions of vomiting, and trauma.

I will add the warnings at the beginning of the SS as a reminder, but I still wanted to write it here. Writing this part was very… interesting. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either, so I’m really looking forward to see what you guys think about it 🙂




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