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Life Update

Hello, lovely people of the internet.

Isn’t it funny how I keep pretending there’s more than one person reading these?


Anyway, I’m here with a life update.

I will write a longer, more rambly (is that a word?) Post later on because you guys know I just looooove to blather on and on senselessly. But for now I just wanted to give a general update.

1) I got accepted into the Master Program I applied to in January!!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!

2) I’m still unemployed and looking for.a job.

3) I’ve been a dick to some people oops.

4) One of my cousins tried to kill themselves last week. They texted me my name and a heart as like a goodbye. I can’t receive hearts now because I get this sick feeling in my stomach.

5) They didn’t die.

6) I’m still staying at my grandparents’ place where I have neither reception nor internet… I don’t know when I’ll be going home.


As a said, a more detailed update will probably follow. But for now there’s just this.

Oh, and I will continue posting the stories in the schedule I set before.