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Check in Monday

Hi, there!

Welcome to 2017! And to me being a horrible, horrible person with my updates 😀

You probably saw my newest Secondary Sunday update, and you probably saw that it was a bit different.

So, narration wise the narrator of the stories has gone missing, or sent to reconditioning. This means that, for the forseable future the stories will be different and we’ll get so see insights from new characters.

I know I’ve been absent from this blog for a while. I’m currently staying at my grandparents’place in the countryside where I have no reception nor internet/WiFi so I’ve been out of touch. I know that’s no excuse and all.

Another thing that’s been happening in Chile is that we are currently going through the worst wildfire in history. It is slowly getting better with volunteer and international help, but people have lost everything. Santa Olga, a town, burnt to the ground during the night. People had to be evacuated during the day, and when they went back they realized they had nothing left.

It is terrifying and saddening to see and hear all of these stories. Where I am is not that bad, there are four fires on the hills a few kilometers away from our home but there are few chances of them affecting us.

We’re safe. But not everyone is.

I won’t use this as an excuse, I did not post things because of my own neglect, not because of the fires. But I thought you should know that this is happening right now.

On another note, one of the last check ins I wrote I said I was working on a new section for the blog and I have. Coming this week is the new section: Paranormal Tuesdays!

This new section will not follow the same narrative format as Secondary Sundays though it will be posted weekly like SS.

PT will be interconnected short stories that will introduce the daily ‘lives’ of paranormal investigators ‘Dennison Brothers & Co.’, unlikely grim reaper friends Sebastian and Ramona, and the Weekly Ghost Alliance attendees Milo, Eleonora, Lucas, and the group of moschiveous ghost that haunt everyday places.

Halfway through February and later on April I will have two new additions to the blog, but you will have to wait and see.

And that was today’s update.

I promise I will have new content posted from this week on.