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Today’s Special Is: Eyewitness

Oh, wow! Two One the Table on the same day!

What’s up with that?

Well…….. confession time: That first one was supposed to go up last week… but it clearly didn’t.

Oh, well.. What can you do? *shrugs*

Don’t worry, there’s no back story for this, just the recommendation, because I’m feeling kind and lazy, and maybe I’m writing this to procrastinate… you’ll never know.

Okay, so… Eyewitness

What is Eyewitness?

Eyewitness is a show in USA Network based on the Norwegian show  Øyevitne (is anyone like not surprised by this???? I know I’m not because Norwegian shows and movies are awesome and I only just started to watch them) that premiered on October 16, 2016.

The show has 10 episodes total, and it is broadcasted every Sunday at 10p/9c in, you guessed it, USA Network.

The cast and PR are incredibly active in social media (twitter mostly… that I’ve seen) and are always engaging with the fans and promoting the show in increasingly creative ways (even if some of them might be problematic… it’s okay, Tyler Young apologized for it). We still don’t know whether we will get a second season for the show (we should, since the story line from the Norwegian allows for more seasons and story telling, and I’d personally feel cheated if we didn’t get one), so we all have been pushing other people to watch it.

This coming Sunday is the season finale and we are hoping to get good ratings so we can continue suffering with this show for a while longer.

Why is it so important to get a new season?

Remember how I, at some point, talked about how important it is to have stories with Queer characters where their entire arc is not about being queer?

Well this is it.

Philip Shea and Lukas Waldenbeck are two teens who witness (yeah, yeah, eyewitness we get it) a triple homicide and who now live in fear of getting caught by the murderer who they had believed had died. They are the only two people who saw it because the whole ordeal happened in a cabin by a lake where they both were at the time.

The catch?

Lukas is the popular motocross teen who is at the top of the food chain. Philip is a newly fostered kid who is not very popular at all.

They were not supposed to hang out at all. And what is more, people can never know that the reason they were there that night is because they are involved with each other (sexually and romantically as the show progresses).

Lukas is a very scared kid, like his dad’s and classmates’ expectations weigh on him a lot, and that makes him be very insecure. He has a lot of internalized homophobia which (praise the lord!) does not come out by being violent or grossly homophobic toward Philip as seen in other shows (*cough, cough* Karoffsky in Glee *cough,cough*) but in the way he views himself.

Lukas does not want to come out because he is afraid of what other people will think of him, and how his father will react.

Philip on the other hand, is dealing with the fact that he is not allowed to see his mother until she is clean of drugs for a year. He has to stay with a couple (Helen and Gabe) for the duration of the time. And while the show starts with Helen trying to figure out how to be a good foster mom and approach Philip, she really does not know how to relate to Philip at all.

Because of all the anxiety and secrecy surrounding both teens (and that Philip can’t trust anything that breathes too close to him) the details of the murder get lost in the haze of anxiety and trauma, and it’s almost impossible to catch the killer.

The show is a race to solve the murder before the murderer silences the only (you guessed it) eyewitnesses. The FBI and local Police Department must piece together small details and clues in order to discover what really happened in a secluded cabin where there are supposedly no way of knowing what happened. All the while, the killer is on the prowl killing more people and distorting the facts of what truly happened.

There are a lot of conflicts that stem from Lukas’ fears, Philips reticence to open up to others, Helen’s single mindedness to close this case (she is the town’s sheriff. She has a dark past and is dealing with some PTSD), Gabe’s well intended actions that backfire sometimes and so many other things happening to so many people in the background.

The show has an amazing representation of queer characters, women, mental illness, and is just so very well written that it’ll bring you to tears… sometimes literally.

I really recommend the show to anyone and everyone. Trust me, it will not disappoint.

Also, it’s just ten episodes and the season finale is this Sunday, there’s nothing to lose.




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