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Yeah, I said I was going to be an asshole with these updates.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to deliver on all the things I promised… it’s just been a weird week?

But, anyway! Here’s the promised NaNoUpdate… two weeks later (?)

I suck.

Current Word Count: 5800 words *Shocked emoji* I’m so behind it’s not even funny anymore.

Okay, so, I promised I’d post this some day so here’s a general account of what I’m doing (or rather not doing this year)

My story has three main narrative arcs, it centers in three different “worlds” or parallel universes and it focuses on a central character who can -though not at will- travel through universes.

The arcs are:

  1. Learning to accept herself: From start to finish.
  2. Opening up to people: For roughly the first half of the story.
  3. Learning to control her powers: From the remainder of the book.

They are all connected and depend from one another to happen.


The three worlds are:

  1. The Original World where the MC, Angie, was born and where she comes back after all her trips. She is very closed off and she has few friends. She doesn’t have a good relationship with the members of her family, except for a cousin, Victoria, with whom she lives. She has made few friends but she doesn’t have a close relationship with them.
  2. A Magical World where Angie traveled a lot to when she was younger and had better control of her powers. In this world she is an orphan that was taken in by a wealthy family. She is very close to the youngest of their sons and they often have adventures together growing up. Here she is only open to her brother, but even then she doesn’t tell him about what she can do. This universe is the same as a book that one of Angie’s friends like. The story centers around her brother Ted who walked into a sacred rite and caused all hell to break lose.
  3. A Jagged World where Angie is part of a gang comprised of abuse victims or vulnerable women. They often have conflicts with nearby gangs and at first people didn’t take them seriously. This world is neither a book, movie, nor TV show. It is very violent and a great deal of things that Angie bottles up in the other worlds comes forth in this one. She doesn’t have to lie here because no one asks for personal information. She feels, strangely, safe there.

Each world has a distinct sound associated with it; music which guides my writing.

  1. The Original World: is a bit of Of Monsters and Men and Aurora.
  2. Magical World: Ben Howard and Troye Sivan.
  3. The Jagged World: Hayley Kiyoko and Halsey.

I have a longer playlist with different songs, inspired in different characters and scenes, but this is the most general one.

I’ll probably update you guys on more specific information like the characters and the plot later.




23-year-old writer from Chile. Currently reading, writing, and trying not to lose my mind.

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