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NaNoWrimo: The Story Begins.

Hi everyone!

We’re in November already! Now you all know what that means: This is when we finally find out whether we need to hit the reset button on the world if Donald Trump wins the US election.

Oh? I’m from Chile, you think… Why do I care?, you think.

Well, I’m Chilean not an idiot. I know that man means trouble and that shit is going down if for some ungodly reason he actually gets elected. The pompous, orange, lying, childish, molesting machine.

I mean… what is there not to hate?

Okay, no.

This post is not about that.

This post is about NaNoWriMo.

*Though please be concerned, and aware that someone like that shouldn’t be running a country.

You know, the National Novel Writing Month which just so happens to be November! yay!

So as you may already know (because you’ve read some of my posts? or just because of my poor management of this blog?) I have a lot of trouble keeping to schedules… mostly because I procrastinate a lot (even by doing useful things like cleaning or working on other stuff… like this blog, right now), and I sometimes leave things to the very last minute.

I am also really bad at setting deadlines for myself.

Mostly because I set very unrealistic writing goals from the very beginning like a total dick.

So this year I am planning on being different.

This year I will (sort of) keep track of my progress here, I will set the goals here, and I will check back with you weekly, say each Friday?

I will also tell you more about what I am doing, what works for me and what doesn’t in the Writer’s Block category of this blog.

Don’t expect anything  like daily updates, because I have to spend some time actually working on NaNo but I will try to stick to the Friday Check In.

Since this week has been shorter than the rest (because the month started on Tuesday) my word count goal by Friday will be: 3000 words.

During this week’s check in I will also tell you more about the story I’m writing: General Plot, Characters, Do I have a playlist?, Am I excited about what I’m doing?, Do I think I’ll die by the end of the month? YES, I will.

So, if anyone’s reading this and is interested in this whole process, please let me know and I will answer/keep you guys posted.

*In case anyone is curious right now, my word count as of today (because trust me, on Tuesday I wrote nothing) is 1185 words.

I promise to write more today and tomorrow!

Bye, and Happy NaNoWriMo!

*And by happy I mean: Let’s all die together.




23-year-old writer from Chile. Currently reading, writing, and trying not to lose my mind.

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