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A Note on “Secondary Sundays”

Hi everyone, here’s the post I promised about the Secondary Sundays (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you haven’t read my Halloween Anecdote, which you don’t need to read unless you want to know what I did for Halloween this year).

So if you began reading this a while ago (namely, when the SS began) then you probably know that the dynamic of the stories would be about Secondary Characters in your life. Meaning that I’d write stories with vague and general details to give the idea that the stories could be about anyone in your life.

If you kept reading through the weeks, and it didn’t take me too long to derail from that original idea, you would have noticed that somewhere along the line… probably Sam and Elma (I mean, only the third story) the dynamic shifted a little. It wasn’t a lot at that point, but it was still noticeable enough if you paid attention.

The reason behind this is that I planned all the stories in advance. I had a sort of arc planned with the first couple of stories, but had to leave that in the back burner when my computer died.

I still had the vaguest of ideas about what I wanted to write and the pieces that were either ready or almost complete.

During those two weeks (I think) I started to play with exactly how the stories were interconnected.

You read about Mr. Fluffkins III thinking about Daisy and then there were Sam and Elma and the narrator mentioning that the supposed MC was thinking about someone from their past: The nameless character. Then there was the parents and the “Ghost story” that was supposed to not matter, and finally the ramblings of the “observer”.

At first this was supposed to be little vignettes that would introduce each other. Then it took a turn when I started to play with the introductions and interconnections. I wanted to add little details that would show that things might not be okay (Sam and Elma, and then the nameless character) until it just turned into this thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about.

I guess I’ve been listening to too many podcasts (more on that later) and so I had this fixed idea of the tone that I wanted to achieve. Then the whole dystopia thing came forth.

At this point I realized that I couldn’t leave the About Me at the beginning like it was because that was, well, about me. That was the original plan, but that wouldn’t work now.

So I wrote the explanation. The For You was supposed to be two things: 1) an introduction to the new flow of the story, and 2) a way to correct the About Me without having to rewrite it.

So, I might edit the other stories to change the formatting a little bit to make it obvious that the narrator is not me… which is how it might’ve looked at the beginning.

This is also a heads up because the stories will get weird now. I’m not going to scrap anything I’ve planned or written already but I will have to adapt them. If it’s too noticeable please let me know so I can fix it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Secondary Sundays we’ve had so far and I hope you’re as excited as I am to see where this new direction will take us.


Ps: Would it be better if I change the “-L.” at the end of the stories?



23-year-old writer from Chile. Currently reading, writing, and trying not to lose my mind.

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