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A Halloween Anecdote

Hi, everyone!

I’m back… and would you look at that? It’s not Sunday!

I know that I’ve been… sort of abusing the “posting every Sunday thing” and using it as an excuse not to write during the rest of the week.


And I know that the tone of the Secondary Sundays has turned… strange (more explanations on that later). So now, because I don’t want this to look like a creepy pasta or experimental social project I’ll try to go back to the initial style of the blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stopping the Secondary Sundays. But I am going to explain where the project is going and what you will likely read from now on, on another post.

Right now I want to share a story with you.

That’s right! We’re back to me oversharing with you!!

So, okay.

First of all, I’d like to offer some background on this whole thing (things that you’ve probably already read if you’ve read my older posts but if you haven’t don’t worry. Everything will be here now).

I come from a very catholic family. This doesn’t mean that my family goes to church every Sunday and we’re taught basic prayers.


This means that my family practically is the church. Yeah, I know it sounds blasphemous but trust me, this is no ordinary exaggeration. Ever since we were kids my family has always been involved in religious affairs. They were the ones planning every event, preparing every mass, praying at every funeral, etc.

Now that means that my family has a certain… reputation, both back where they used to live and where they live now. And I don’t mean my mom and dad (my dad is not really involved in church matters but he does have a modicum of religious faith… I think), I mean my entire family from my mother’s side.

My mom and two aunts teach Sunday school, my godfather does this thing that I’m not sure if it has a name in English which is “Santiguar” (basically he like heals people through a prayer). Like if you are “Ojeado” because people looked at you too much or celebrated you when you are a kid so you cry over everything and/or act weird, he would go over to your place, say a specific prayer and draw a cross on your forehead and voila! you’re free from being treated nicely by adults. Crazy, I know. Oh, and he’s also contacted by families to do “Canto a lo Divino” at funerals (he goes over and sings prayers).

My grandparents are very catholic (there are constantly priests and nuns coming over to the house to have dinner or just to hang out with my family). One of my aunts is a Religion teacher. Another was turned into a full believer when she had an accident and “only a miracle” could’ve saved her.

Even the ones that say they don’t believe (like my uncles because they are manly men who need no religion to live) actually are devoted believers.

So taking all of this into account you can probably tell that I have every sacrament I can have,except for Marriage and Last Rites (I’ve been dodging the first one…. I’m not that worried about the last) and that I have never celebrated Halloween.

I know regular families don’t care all that much about it because they see it as just harmless fun, costumes and candies for kids.

My family is not like that at all.

For my family, Halloween was at first an unholy and pagan tradition instated by people outside of church to worship the dead or some shit like that. That is why some people tried doing the “White Night” after Halloween where the kids disguised themselves as nice things like angels and all sorts of “safe” stuff. This was instigated by our local church but also, my mother.

Then they just didn’t like it because it wasn’t catholic and it was disrespectful, and something about the dead, and like immortal souls, and I don’t know what else (I honestly don’t know… I like stopped paying attention after a while)… That explanation is ironic considering that 1) we live in a very superstitious place, 2) my family is extremely superstitious, 3) My family believes in the horoscope (except for like one aunt) 4) My family believes in the power of “Meicos”, which are people that can heal you through natural magic (like spells and stuff). So like, Halloween should’ve been no big deal.

Oh, but it was a big deal.

So much that I was never allowed to celebrate it. Ever.

We couldn’t even give children candy when they came over because we would’ve been enabling them.

Suffice to say that I gave a shitton of candy to kids when I moved out for uni. Because I could.

So, all that background information done, here’s what I wanted to tell you guys.

“WHAT? That whole bunch of shit wasn’t what I was supposed to be reading?!”

Eh… Nope. Sorry.

The thing is that I obviously never celebrated Halloween once, in my life. Like I never dressed up, I never went around asking for candy. I never did trick or treating. None of that fancy stuff.

So I never really enjoyed Halloween, because I wasn’t interested in it and even if I had been, I wasn’t allowed to celebrate it.

This year however, my friends (yeah I am Alexander Hamilton and I only have like three friends, get over it) invited me over to Open Blondie.

What is Open Blondie? You may be wondering.

Well it’s a massive Halloween party organized by Blondie (A notorious Chilean queer club). It is held in a big location, namely the racetrack in Santiago (it’s kind of… big) and there are different stages where different music is played (like 80’s, 90’s, Gothic, Pop, K-music, J-music, and who knows what else I didn’t see), and some bands present (in our case we went to see Supernova).

Oh, also everyone wears costumes (I saw so many amazing costumes like Harley Quinns, Poison Ivies, cosplayers, Elevens and even Mermaid man and Barnacle Boy. I also saw, unfortunately, too many creepy nuns and killer clowns).

So my friends and I bought the tickets in advanced and, very predictably, waited until the very last moment to think of a costume.

Literally. We were in my friend’s (I’ll call her Bee) car on our way over to one of her friends’ house to get ready when we realized the three of us could’ve coordinated our outfits to be three characters from Orphan Black. Then at Bee’s friend’s house we realized we could’ve been creepy Power Puff Girls… because the three of us are very short and Bee has a black pixie cut, I have short blonde hair, and my other friend (let’s call her Jen) has long red hair.

In the end I was a pirate, Bee was creepy Minnie Mouse, and Jen went as Eleven from Stranger Things.

Well according to Bee’s friend we were: Minnie, El, and NPC number 2 (you know, like from a video game… I did actually liked that idea and went with it). Oh, he went as Pikachu with stilettos and his boyfriend was some skeletal thing (he didn’t want to wear a costume so Bee’s friend -we shall call him Dan and his boyfriend Jack- painted a design on his face. He didn’t paint a sugar skull though, so don’t worry).

So, I traveled three hours from my home town (where I’m currently living) to meet with Bee and Jen to have lunch at Bee’s house. Her parents and brothers were out because we had a long weekend (Saturday through Tuesday) and decided to travel north for the Holidays.

Jen and I met on the subway and then went to meet Bee in a subway station near her house where she was waiting for us in her car.

Because of delays, Jen and I met at quarter to three instead of 14:15 as we had initially agreed, so we ended up meeting Bee at four instead of three.

Then we drove to a supermarket near Bee’s house to buy drinks and snacks to take to Dan’s house where we would get ready for the party. We didn’t buy many things (just two drink options and two bags of sour cream and cilantro chips) because we weren’t planning on showing up drunk.

We went to Bee’s house (all the while talking, singing One Direction and Hamilton, and discussing Mim’s (our friend that moved to South Korea) news about moving for the third time).

When we got to Bee’s house we checked the fridge and her mom, before she left, had saved so much food so that 1) Bee wouldn’t have to cook while she was alone 2) We had options because Jen is a vegetarian.

In the end, Bee ate Ají de Gallina (a delicious Peruvian dish, seriously google it right now), I ate lasagna and Jen ate rice with eggs and several salads.

I really meant it when I said we had options™.

We got distracted twice by some weird movies on the TV (Love is Strange, google this too because it was… not what the synopsis said it would be. And then Definitely, Maybe which was more entertaining than we thought it’d be).

Oh, and Bee shared a weird story about her and a friend who live miles away reading some news and tweets about Miley Cyrus leaving The Voice and Gwen Steffani coming back. They had apparently seen the same at the same time, discussed it on Twitter, sent each other tweets and retweeted them, talked both through DMs and Imessage, and it had actually never happened… which they realized when Bee talked to Jen and she told her that Miley was definitely still in The Voice and had never planned on leaving.

Bee and Jen went back to their conversations and they weren’t there. The tweets weren’t there. The conversations were gone, they had never retweeted anything.

But they both still remembered it.

So… what the fuck happened?

We don’t know.

If you have theories, please share them with us because I am insanely curious about it. If it involves conspiracies, or parallel universes then definitely tell me.

After all that, we went to Bee’s parents’ room to keep on watching Definitely, Maybe for way longer than we should’ve. We gave some kids candy (because Bee lives in a suburban area people outside of the block where her house is are not allowed inside unless they have permission from someone within the gates) and then definitely, maybe not when we were supposed to leave, we headed to Dan’s house.

Bee’s family was supposed to arrive shortly after we left so we put all the candy bags (in case anyone showed up again) on a table by the front door so they’d have easier access to them.

As per usual, I took the back seat and Jen rode shotgun.

That is the usual arrangement because Jen is the one that always remembers stuff and so the most responsible of us. Oh, and shotgun gets to play Pokemon Go on Bee’s phone and I am, unsurprisingly, not good at it.

It was around this time that we started to joke about possible Halloween costumes and we realized we could’ve planned a theme all along instead of panicking and going our own way a week before it happened.

It was also at this point that Bee found out that I’d never celebrated Halloween. She was so upset I hadn’t told her before so we could’ve dressed up at her place and gone out to ask for treats. I think Halloween was a huge thing for her growing up, with the candies and the costumes and all that. She was really into it and she was very upset that I hadn’t had that same experience.

Bee, if you ever read this: I love you, thank you for being so thoughtful. I honestly don’t mind this being my first Halloween. I actually loved it 🙂

(We really wanted to dress up as the Schuyler sisters… but we didn’t find any good dresses. After that we just did what we ended up doing. A.K.A not thinking about a costume and then panicking).

We arrived at Dan’s house later than we should’ve but we still had time since we had to wait for another one of Bee’s and Jen’s friends, I’m just calling him Felix (these names are being picked as randomly as possible) who was at the time rehearsing something for one of this classes.

So we got there and Dan and Jack had a bowl with celery, because of ungodly reasons, that we ended up eating with peanut butter as we drank mojitoes and Bauzas, and ate chips.

I’ve only been to Dan’s house two times (counting this one) and both times it’s made me feel… surprised and kind of comfortable. Dan’s place is a small apartment in a good neighborhood (the doorman knows Bee and Jen but still asks for their names and who they’re there to see every time apparently) with a large window in the living room and a small bedroom. He has a pullout couch where four people fit (although not entirely comfortably. Three is better.) and several knickknacks from his gigs as a photographer and his trips through Europe, and New York where he’s watched several Broadway musicals.

In other words, his house is like a haven.

It’s great and cozy and tells a story. It’s not an empty home where you don’t know who lives there or what they do/like. I like that about him.

We sat there and talked for a while.

Then we started to get dressed (apparently Felix is always late for their meetings and ends up making everyone else late, so we didn’t actually wait for him for too long).

Dan took pictures of Jack and the girls (because he is a photographer and he wanted pictures of them) and then of Felix when he arrived.

Suffice to say that Felix arrived when we were all ready and then he had three costume options: Zombie/vampire 1) School boy, 2) Doctor, 3) Rugby player/Jock.

He ended up picking the “Jock” outfit.

*I guess at this point I’d like to point out that Dan, Felix and Bee have been friends for years (think high school) and Bee and Jen have been friends for years as well but less (think freshmen year of college keeping in mind that they started uni before I did and I only befriended them like two years ago… I will soon share the sob story of friendless Laly, don’t worry) so the level of trust between all of us is different for each group. I mean, I only met Dan and Felix, and the rest of Bee’s closest friends, last year. Oh, and this was my first time meeting Jack.

We took an uber to the racetrack (on the trip I found out that Vodka Coke is disgusting and not something to put yourself through… Remember how Felix was late? yeah, he was less inebriated than the rest of us -and we weren’t even that drunk, more like buzzed- so he had to… improvise. 10/10 would not recommend pouring a fifth of a bottle of vodka into half a bottle of coke… just don’t) and then we got in line to get in.

Felix was disappointed to see someone else dressed as a Rugby player because he was going for originality. I guess he is one of those people who cares if others wear the same clothes he does.

We got to the show and it was great! I mean it was my first time ever doing something like this. I’d never gone to a costume party that wasn’t one of my little cousin’s birthday, so I obviously loved to see all the production.

It was also great to be in such a safe space. Killer clown aside, it was cool being around so many varied people and couples (I got hugged by someone wearing a leather harness just because. That was awesome).

We were too early to see Supernova so we just wondered around for a while. Dan had suggested we had a competition to see who took more pictures with Harley Quinns and Elevens, so we walked around doing that.

Sadly there weren’t as many Harley Quinns as we had hoped because social media shamed people who were into it (specially girls) and so they probably decided not to. It’s so stupid to do that, though. Because lbr, girls enjoying dressing up as Harley Quinn are not being harmful at all. And you need to be very confident to wear that kind of outfit.

You what’s harmful? People portraying Harley’s and The Joker’s relationship as #RelationshipGoals because that shit is abusive as fuck. And ya’ll are out there romanticizing the shit out of it (not you, you… hopefully) and that is so, so wrong. Dress up as whoever you are (even the joker and some killer clowns) but don’t be a dick about it, don’t be a dick to others, and don’t romanticize violent behavior.

Okay, enough of that. Back to the story: We went around taking pictures, dancing in the pop tent (literal tent wtf we were so many and we almost couldn’t move) and then enjoyed Supernova.

We missed the free tarot reading, but we saw some people playing with fire and the most beautiful Harley Quinn ever (we were too in awe of their beauty to ask for a picture).

The only bad thing about the whole event is that it was really fucking cold, and there were huge lines for everything which led us to believe it was poorly organized, since Felix, Dan and Bee had been in past ones and said it was never that bad.

We separated from Dan, Jack, and Felix for a while right before Supernova. The girls and I were thirsty after dancing and, shock of all shocks, we waited like twenty minutes in line to buy three cans of Pepsi at like 3 dollars each. Which was really expensive.

We went back dancing and met with Felix after a while. He was supposed to take us to Dan and Jack but they were not where they were supposed to be.

Note: While in the pop tent a guy dressed as Harry Potter gave us candy and wished as a Happy Halloween.

Note2: I met a Marceline and I fell in love.

Note3: Dan and Jack had left the party almost as soon as Felix had left to find us.

We danced for a while and then went out to try to buy chips because we were hungry.

Remember how I said that the lines where the worst? Well guess what, the queues for the food there fucking huge. They wouldn’t move. I don’t understand it.

So we didn’t eat.

We sat down for a while, and then decided to leave.

We had to go pick up some of Felix’ stuff that he had left in a place where you could leave your jackets in case you didn’t want to carry them around.

We waited for like 30 to 40 minutes.

We left around four. We took an uber again… a 4.8 trip (in case you don’t know what that means: Uber has this thing that if a place has too many people asking for ubers they start raising the price according to the demand. A 4.8 trip means that the normal fare of the trip is multiplied 4.8 times… yeah.) and we asked the guy driving to drop us off near Dan’s house (we were staying at his place and he had left his keys with Bee) so we could buy chips.

We are very fixated on chips.

We could not find chips.

We ended up buying hot dogs (except for Jen who bought a “mock hot dog” which had cheese and tomatoes) which we took back to the apartment with us and ate there.

At this point it was really fucking cold and we were really fucking tired.

We ate, then we went to bed.

The four of us slept in Dan’s bed (a king size, I guess) because it was really fucking cold.

So in the end, we had a great time. I danced a lot. I took pictures with people who had cool costumes… but only one El and no Harley Quinns, so I didn’t win the contest.

We didn’t have our cards read, but Harry Potter gave us candy so… silver linings, people.

I guess I didn’t do too bad for my first official Halloween celebration.

I even got candy!

What about you guys? How did you spend your Halloween?




23-year-old writer from Chile. Currently reading, writing, and trying not to lose my mind.

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